Author Topic: Bit of a bonus for the early arrivals  (Read 1638 times)

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Bit of a bonus for the early arrivals
« on: June 03, 2012, 12:37:48 PM »
When discussing the progress of the Round Up bookings with the Austin Tourist Park (Moke Central) people, they mentioned that 8 of the reservations out of the 11 they have taken so far have been booked in to arrive on the Thursday.

To show their appreciation for us using their facilities and as a further incentive for people to turn up a bit early, they have generously offered to provide a free sausage sizzle on the Thursday evening for any Mokers who are there by then. It will be a basic "snag on a bit of bread with sauce" sort of deal, but will give people a nice easy option for a light dinner after the long drive to get there.

The plans for Thursday are not locked in as yet, but we will be doing some sort of a run. Will probably try to make a lunchtime meet up spot at some easy to find location close to Tamworth, so that those arriving by lunchtime can meet up with us if they wish. Friday will probably be a similiar arrangement.