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Bay ina Day - January 3rd
« on: January 02, 2016, 04:11:03 PM »

For people planning to come on the annual Bay in a Day trip tomorrow, Sunday the 3rd, I have some details to share as I have been fielding a few phones calls from people wanting more information.

The meeting point for those that need to type it into their GPS/Phone is 92 Beach St, Port Melbourne, just near the entrance to Station Pier, opposite the beach facing towards St Kilda.

We are leaving, departing, dispatching, saying goodbye, moving off, taking off, au revoir, etc. from the meeting point at 9am so  please arrive about 10 minutes earlier at least. Other mentions of the trip have us meeting at 9am, but we will be leaving at 9am, no waiting, you can catch up if you are late.

You can look at the attached route map and join in along the way, otherwise the two pick up points along the way are south side of the Mordialic Creek bridge from 9:30 onwards and brief toilet/food stop at the back of the Mt Martha shopping area at 11:00.

Depending on the weather, the number of Mokes on the road and how we are progressing for the day the lunch stop will most likely be around Sorrento, at the footy oval at the back of the shops, where you can fend for yourself for lunch, take a group selfie and in general have a rest in the shade. Depending on traffic etc we tend to get there between 12 and 1pm.

Heading home people tend to travel in smaller groups and make there own way peeling off where ever.

A google map of where we are going.

0409 942 896
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