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Frequently Asked Questions
« on: August 17, 2012, 12:37:15 AM »


Sand/Grit blasting tips and  modifications to home sandblasting outfits

My Sandblaster aint blastin
My new blasting cabinet
Sand blasting.
Home sand / bead blasting set ups

Which is the best way to go?

Sandblasting the body
Chemical dip
How do I prep a gal body?

Panel work


MIG welding 101
ARC Welding
Seam welding the floor good or bad???
Need some welding advice please
Welding Gas
Welding Galv on a non galv body


Maddog's floor panels
Reinforcing front grille panell
Rusted Floor

Puttying, Bogging and Seam Sealing

Seam sealer 'putty' - what to use?

Replacement Panels

Moke front panel from Mparts in the UK
replacement panels

Body Rotisseries /Spits and trolleys

Body rotisserie plan for Moke bodies
Garage Moke Storage Dolley/Trolley


General painting tips

The best thing since spray painting - roller painting!
Just painted my car ( pics )
Painting Galvanised Bodies
Priming and Painting Galvanised sheets
The down and dirty on Etch Primer

Rust treatment

Repairing "The Triangle" and protecting in the future.
To rust treat or not before priming - straght after sandblasting...

The Whole Process

Basic Panel Repairs, Rust Removal and Spray Painting


Air Compressors and Sand Blasting....

Painting the inside tub of the Moke

What to paint the inside of the moke with?
Gunna paint the "inside"
Chicken poop or Hammertone?
What should I apply to the floor ?

Paint Codes

Original Colours
Moke Paint Colours and Codes
Standard paint colours for a Moke. Where is the thread?
Silver interior trim colour


Original Moke seat info

Low Backs vs High Backs
Tombstone Seats
4 Seats in a 2 Seater?
Can you make moke seats adjustable?!
Seat modification
Tombstone Seat question
Tombstone seat diaphragms

MX-5 Seats

Fitting mx5 seats
MX 5 seats in da moke
Fitting MX5 Seats..

Aftermarket / other brand front seats

Aftermarket Seats That Fit the Moke "TUB" ...(and me)
MOKE (Choke) seats into a Moke
Another Alternative Seat.
Moke with Cobra Classics - Photo needed
Some useful links
Aftermarket Seats?
Will these seats fit a moke???
Aftermarket Seats for MX-5. Relevant to Mokes.

Rear seat options

Canopy clearance for rear seats
Tombstones in the Back?
Is This An Original Rear Seat?
79-82 rear seats and correct trimming pattern an front seats.
Factory rear seats.
Sierra seats and other back seat options

Reat seat engineering and compliance

4 seat rego conversion
Rear Seats - Engineering and Compliance
On the subject of Rear Seats
Rear Seats with no compliance plate required
Modifying Seats in Victoria.
Anyone have a registered 4 seater in NSW ?
4 Seater?

Seat Belts

Seat belts
Seat belts, yes I have searched before I posted this!
What do I look for in Retractable Seat Belts ?
I need front seatbelts, a little unusual.
Retractable Inertia Reel Seat Belts

Recovering seats

Re-covering Seats

Recommended upholsterers

Rebuilding/Upholstering Seats


Soft Tops

Soft top canopies
Choke canopy opinion
Pics of fast back canopies
best value moke roof
What do you love and hate about your soft top canopy?

Hard Tops

fumes and hard tops
Hard Tops

Mickey 81 Californian Arnold 82 Californian Baldy 82 Californian Ron 79 Califakian Eskymoke 82 Californian

Step aside coffee, this is a job for alcohol!


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