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Freedom of Speech and Censorship
« on: January 02, 2014, 11:36:24 AM »
Since the inception of the Forum there has been a tendency to let everyone have their say on the running of the Forum and posts allowed that are critical of the way the Forum is managed and the members of the forum, including the moderators, threads that in hindsight should not have been left public. Resulting from the feedback members expressed they do not appreciate reading the negative and critical style of posts, there will now be a change in policy to keep the Forum free of public posts that are negative and critical with the intention to promote a friendlier environment.

To make this clearer we have again found related text on other Forums that best explain the ideal of freedom of speech and that any posts are at the discretion of the owners of this forum. As we develop the new moderator role the avenues for conflict or complaint will be spelt out further. If you have feedback or suggestions then please read here,,10837.0.html

Under Australian law, the only protected form of speech is that of a political nature, and even then, it's only protected from governmental interference. Private entities can not, by definition, be guilty of censorship and Mokes inc. is a private entity. In short, you have no "freedom of speech" on The Mokes Inc. Forum, nor is the cry of "censorship" at all valid. We will allow "free speech" insofar as that free speech does not contravene our forum rules.

The rules, guidelines and Code of Conduct of this Forum are in place to protect the quality and reputation of the forum.

In the interest of fairness and balance, as well as to help focus and improve quality of discussion, the moderator(s) have the ability to remove or edit posts and threads from the public eye. There are many legitimate reasons for a moderator to remove comments or posts which are outlined elsewhere in the Forum Rules.
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