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Moking around in 2018
« on: December 31, 2017, 03:26:53 PM »
Just a reminder as we head towards 2018 what a great Moke event filled year it's going to be.

The main ones pencilled into my calendar so far:

April 7 - 16  - Col Loudon's Mokin' Jervis Bay event - South Coast NSW. A new one on the calendar and looks like being a big one  8)

August 18-19 - Rylstone Classic - OK, technically a Mini run, but with almost 20 Mokes last year, the Mokes are making inroads  ;) :D. 2018 will be the 8th time Evan and Co have run this and it gets bigger every year. Plenty of friendly Moke faces for anyone who'd llike to come along.

October 24-28 - Moke Round Up, Tamworth - Our very own Mokes Inc event  8). The 5th one of it's kind, so if you've been to one or more of our other events, you'll want to come back and if not, come and see what you've been missing  :)

No doubt there are are few more smaller events and trips being organised amongst friends, but if anyone would like to recommend other open invitation runs in your own areas, please feel free to add to the thread so that people know what's on.


PS. We haven't opened registrations yet for the Round Up, but highly recommend booking accommodation sooner rather than later if your planning on coming to the Tamworth Round Up. Details are here

Both Mokin' Jervis Bay and the Rylestone Classic have had registrations open for some time now. If you're planning on attending either of these, please help the organisers out by completing your registration ASAP.

Mokin' Jervis Bay is accepting registrations via a link on their FaceBook page and you can register for the Rylestone Classic through their own web page.