Author Topic: Last call for Moke Central cabins  (Read 167 times)

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Last call for Moke Central cabins
« on: September 01, 2018, 03:08:03 PM »
We have been in touch with Austin Tourist Park today and there are only three cabins left.

    1 x 3 bedroom deluxe ensuite
    2 x "workers cabins" ensuite with 1 double and 2 singles each cabin

If you want one you really need to get in ASAP. They will all show up as booked out online, so if you want to book, you need to phone the park on 1800 826 967 and tell you are with the Moke group.

Austin Tourist Park have been used as our base since the very first Round Up in 2010 and are good enough to reserve all of the cabins in the park for us every year. This is a great help to us in helping keep everyone together and involved at the event, but the last thing we want is for it to end up costing them money through empty cabins. This year in particular, there are a lot of other events on in Tamworth at the same time as the Round Up and they are starting to knock back outside enquiries for cabins on a pretty regular basis so that they can hold them for us.

To do the right thing by them, we have agreed that they can open the cabins up to the general public if the Mokers haven't booked them out by the end of next week. Once this happens, we would imagine they will disappear very quickly, so get in now if you want one.

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