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Sunday show
« on: September 09, 2018, 08:00:30 PM »
Took a run up to Gunnedah today to attend their car club's annual show and made a new friend  :). Perfect Spring Moking weather for the 180km round trip.

Actually not a completely new friend, as I've met him briefly at a couple of the past Round Up's, but he's always been there as an observer with "one in the shed" rather than a participant. Thankfully, his status has finally been upgraded to "one on the road"  8). Not a bad one either, which was recognised today with a trophy for "Best 1970's Car".

He plans on being at the 2018 Round Up for at least a couple of days.

KMC also attended, but as his Moke is still undergoing some pre-Round Up maintenance, he had to bring his back up classic - an EK Holden ute. We of course took the opportunity to fine tune some of the Round Up plans over lunch.