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Bruiser Mk II
« on: January 11, 2019, 11:17:38 AM »

this is a Moke project that I have had floating around the garage for nearly a decade and just doing little bits in dribs and drabs but I have cleared the workflow diary and now I am making a push to get this finished over the next month or so. This is the first Moke that I recall ever seeing that got me started with my first Moke nearly thirty years ago. (I have since found a photo I took of the End Rust Moke at the end of the 1977 Around Australia Rally when I was a kid, so that is technically the first I saw).

The Moke is called Bruiser and is mostly a one owner Moke with my friend buying it not long after it left the dealership in 1979. The name Bruiser comes from the black and blue scheme that he had for it in its day and the restore is about getting it back to better than its former glory after having spent 15 years under a cover beside the house. It was in a pretty sad state rust wise but that has all been fixed very nicely by my favourite paint and panel man.

The colour is a period Leyland colour but it was never on a Moke and I couldn't tell you what it was on, but it took some effort to track it down from a hazy memory and eventually found someone who could reach for a book when the computer said it didn't exist. It is a metallic, now in two pack, and although not a flip colour it has about four distinct colours when looking at, so really did/does my head in when comparing it to the original paint.

I have had all the big items blasted years ago and covered them with xtroll so to start off with I cleaned them up and got them ready for painting along with other bits. I don't have an after picture but I used PPG black industrial enamel which should hold up well.

The engine isn't getting rebuilt internally as I have had it running and the numbers seem good however the welsh plugs were leaking and there were signs of the timing seal and primary seal leaking so I stripped it down,cleaned the crud off and got it ready for painting and replace the plugs and the seals and painted it before bolting bits back on.

The body got moved from the truck where it has been stored and has taken up pride of place on the hoist and so the first job was to fit the steering rack. I always do the rack first, after that the order of things is less important.

And for something completely different, the Moke has a few goodies from the 1980's  like front and rear torsion bars and a little box which sits on the speedo drive from the gearbox and I assume does some sort of ratio change. However the most notable customisation is this dash which I am told is one of only two made in Sydney, so here you get to see it in place. I am not looking forward to the wiring on this one. :)
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Re: Bruiser Mk II
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2019, 11:30:27 AM »
Wow nice colour and very trick looking dash.
Interested to see the Torsion bars, something I have thought about on those day dreamy days  :o
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Re: Bruiser Mk II
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2019, 08:52:08 AM »
It is a nice colour even when you get up close.
The dash sure is different and looks really well made. Will be interesting to see it all installed and how it looks without the standard centre console.

Have fun with the Brusier.
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