Author Topic: Mag/alloy wheels 14 inch/15 inch  (Read 204 times)

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Mag/alloy wheels 14 inch/15 inch
« on: February 09, 2019, 07:49:42 AM »
I am going through the search for alloy wheels to suit the  Moke.  It seems the only wheels available here are Performance Superlite style wheels.  The cost looks to be $1000 per set of 4 or there abouts for those.

I personally like the look of the Mamba and ultralite style wheels.

Would there be any interest in 14 or 15 x 6 inch alloy wheels in 101.6 PCD , ET 25.     185/70/14 and 185/60/15  would have almost the same scrub radius as std wheels.  They would be 2 mm out from the suspension and would be 13 mm wider on the out side.  I doubt there would be any significant extra load on the wheel bearings with these sizes.

Standard 13" circumference with 175/70/13 is 1807 mm , Dia is 575 mm
                                                185/70/14 is 1931 mm , Dia is 615 mm
                                                185/60/15 is 1894 mm , Dia is 603 mm
The above are just sizes i have been looking at.

I am asking because a supplier in the UK has told me he can set up a run of wheels BUT, (there's that bloody but again) i need to get 80 wheels (20 sets).  Obviously cost is going to be the deciding factor here and at this stage i have no idea what that cost will be, I'm just putting it out there to gauge what interest, if any, there is in alloy wheels in sizes you can still buy tyres for?

With the popularity and cost of Mokes going up all the time, it seems strange that wheels are so hard to find.