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Spare wheel mount
« on: March 22, 2020, 06:07:01 PM »
One of the things you learn on the big trips in your Moke is you have plenty of time to think and always come across things you’d like to tweak on your Moke to make things either a little more comfortable or just a general improvement.

Something I have wanted to do for a while is change my rear window from a fixed window to one that opens so I can either let the breeze through or access to the back of the Moke a little easier.

The problem I always faced was the spare wheel mount got in the way so I thought it was all too hard. I decided before my next trip I was going to have a decent crack at modifying the spare wheel mount which would then allow me work on the window being hinged.

So here is what I come up, taking an old BBQ frame I worked out it had the right curve however hinging it took some thought. I ended using an old bed frame part pipe, cut it about 200mm long and then cut it half placed it over the rear bumper pipe and welded it back up to come up with this.

So am happy with and works well and folds down to nice height doubling up as a table if needed

Now to work on the window. I started off using some bonnet hinges from a mini but that didn’t work out and the noticed the rear window hinges on the mini wreck I have. So I used those and all the trim around the window of the mini to come up with this

It’s taken a lot of time and thought to get it to this stage but am happy with it and very pleased to no longer having the spare wheel screwed to the Moke. It’s certainly different form of mounting a spare wheel but Thomas tends to have things that are a little different

Still have to work out whether I put a couple struts to hold it open or come up with something like a locking plate similar to the ones you see on the advertising sandwich boards.

It’s been an interesting project and certainly challenged me in how make it work

The spare wheel pretty much sits against the canopy but as an extra bit of securing it I used an old ute tarp tie down things which pokes through the wheel centre and holds it in place

Still got a bit of trim and painting to do but am happy with it


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Re: Spare wheel mount
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2020, 06:03:28 PM »
Very clever Dave, I had to fight with my spare the other day and your idea is really good.
If you had a bit of ply to sit on top when its sitting on the tow ball, you'd have another instant table at just the right height for camp chairs  8).

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