Author Topic: The first Moke event after the 2020 COVID pandemic  (Read 66 times)

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The first Moke event after the 2020 COVID pandemic
« on: June 13, 2020, 09:08:39 AM »
Well, we're certainly hoping that this will be the 2020 Round Up's claim to fame  :D

KMC and I are hoping the Rylstone Classic will be going ahead in August, which will be our first Moke run in a long while, but with all due respect to Evan and his team, it's really a Mini event although there have been 15 - 20 Mokes there for the last few years. There are 100+ Minis there plus other vehicles as well, so as much fun as it is for Mokers (and we certainly recommend going along if you can) we're not counting that as a Moke event as such.

The COVID pandemic has certainly messed with our Round Up pre-game plans, but we've always been operating on the basis that if we can do it, we will.

We also fully understand that it has made planning so much harder for our attendees. No one wants to book in holidays, pay deposits on accommodation and make arrangements for a big event, only to have to cancel it all later.

It's looking very positive at the moment though, and whilst there are of course no guarantees, we are certainly forging ahead with plans and will be doing our utmost to present an event as close as possible to the previous ones which so many of our fellow Mokers have come to know and love.

We would have normally been promoting the Round Up a lot more over the past few months, but have stayed deliberately quiet  and just kept working away in the background as we watched things develop.

The time has come though to shift things up a gear if we're going to make it happen, and to help us out with that it would be really helpful if anyone who thinks they might be able to make it could register for the event as soon as possible.

We currently have 26 registrations and know of several others who intend to come along but haven't gotten around to registering and we're sure there are no doubt more considering it. We're normally pretty good at estimating our numbers based on past events, but really don't know this year - will we have less due to the confusion and short notice or more because everyone's itching to get out and get back Moking?

So please put in your registrations. We are not asking for any money yet, and we won't be doing so until much closer to the event (it's very cheap at $30 per vehicle anyway) and if you register now but decide to pull out later for whatever reason, we certainly won't hold it against you.

You can register online here



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Re: The first Moke event after the 2020 COVID pandemic
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2020, 10:19:41 AM »
I just got a email to confirm the Rylstone  Classic is on so that should be good news
for the round up