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Rotary Wiper Switch
« on: September 22, 2020, 02:37:44 PM »
Found another Rotary Wiper switch in amongst some bits and pieces at “The Shed”.

Problem is the shaft just turns around and around.

Working on the theory that I couldn’t make it any worse I decided to pull it apart to have a look.

Drilled out the rivets and carefully pried it apart - the earth tab actually is attached to the metal cover plate and fed through a slot in the plastic body and this makes it a challenge to take apart, but I succeeded and the problem was immediately obvious with a broken “bit” – the bit attached to the shaft that is moved by the shaft over the various contacts.

Worked out that I could get “The Bit” back together with a very thin cable tie and a shaving off the plastic body to give clearance.

I can get it all (Except for 1 copper connector) back together and it rotates and clicks just as it should – except for that one copper bit. Can’t work out Where/How it fits in.

Can’t find an exploded view on the web.

Does any-one have any idea where/how the bit fits in?

Images below - The Copper Bit is at the bottom of the pictures.