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Finding Information
« on: May 11, 2011, 03:06:21 AM »
Over the years The Moke Forum, and now The Australian Moke Forum has become a fantastic resource for Moke owners all over the world. But because of the sheer volume of information contributed by forum members, it can sometimes be hard to find what you are looking for.

While we would never want to discourage anyone from asking a question, often the problem you encounter has been discussed many times before. So before you tear your hair out, try some of these suggestions to find the information you need.

The FAQ Section This board is full of links to the most asked questions that received the most helpful answers. All neatly arranged into categories, it is probably the easiest place to start.

Search Function Another great way to find information. Just remember it will only search the current board or topic. So to search all boards, go to the home page - to search ATG threads, go to the ATG board. You can also search within a topic by opening it first. Also try several key words, or alternative spelling. For example: hilo, hi lo, hi-lo, hilos, adjustable suspension.

Related Topics Under each topic you are viewing is a list of other topics containing similar keywords. Often these are worth looking at for additional information.

If you still can't find what you are looking for, then by all means post in the Help section. But to help us help you, there are a few things you can include in your post that will make it easier. If you don't know, then that is fine and becomes part of your question!

Details  It saves a lot of questions if you can give any relevant information about your Moke at the start. For example: for brake problems are your brakes drum or disc, for tuning problems include the type and size of carby, etc. The more details you can give the better.

Photos A picture is worth a thousand words, so try to include one or two photos if you can. If you aren't sure how, read the section on the gallery and posting photos. You may be amazed at what some people can tell about your Moke from just one picture!

Post Title Try to use a descriptive title for your post, and include key words about your problem. Not only will you get faster and better replys, but it also helps others searching later and brings up more relevant related topics underneath.

Location If you need parts or services, then the answer will depend on where you live. No need to be specific, just the general area. People are also more willing to help if they know you live just around the corner.

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