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Frequently Asked Questions
« on: August 17, 2012, 12:01:45 AM »

Engine removal and replacement - with or without subframe

Remove Engine and Subframe
Removing motor
Best way to remove motor
Engine removal cheat
Having some grief removing front subframe
Engine lifting bolts
Putting a donk back in

Maddog's Subframe cradle

Subframe Cradle.
Subframe Cradle - The Plans.

Engine Stands

Best place to suspend an A Series engine/gearbox with engine stand?

Compression pressures / ratios

Engine Compression

General Engine Related Problems

Oil light has come on
Whitish gunk under top of tappet cover and oil filler cap

Type of Oil to use and Oil Change Frequency

What type of oil do you use and how often do you change it?
Engine oil

Identifying the different A series Engines

Difference between an A+ and A series engine
A+ engine
The difference between 1275 and 998

Storing an engine long term

Best way to store engine
Putting a 998 into hibernation

Starting engine after extended storage

starting engine after storage?
Starting engines that are an unknown quantity

Running in a newly rebuilt engine

Best method of running in engine

Non standard Moke engine options

1500 engine swap
V-tec and Swift motors
Su-Moke the GTI powered Moke

Engine Rebuilds

Crankshaft Endfloat

Improving performance

Un-Locking the power in Desert Storms 998
AMR300 Superchargers

Heads and Head Gaskets

Un-Locking the power in Desert Storms 998
Engine block crank and head question !
Changing Head Gasket.
Not a blown head gasket - Cracked head ??
A series heads



Removal and reassembly

Diff removal and reassembly - with photos

Diff Ratio's

4.13 and 3.93 Diffs
Diff ratios
diff Ratio?
Diff Ratios

Gearbox /Transmission

Auto Transmission option

Auto gearbox

Rod Change Gearshift

Slop in gear change lever
Gear change
Help, rod change gear stick pin
Removing Gearstick from Rod Change box


Quickshift 4 a moke
Quick shifters

Shifter problems

Ignition timing and a sloppy gearshift
Gear stick in hand
Gear Lever
Gear lever extension?
Trouble selecting reverse
Removing Gearstick from Rod Change box

Difference between A and A+ boxes

A+ gearbox difference


Motor Champ CV's
CV, front wheel bearings, hub....???
How do i check the inner CV's


Drive shaft issues


Weights and measures



Clutch Adjustment Help
Clutch adjustment
Clutch Adjustment
Clutch Adjustment(A different one)
MokeWerx Article (includes pictures)


Brake & Clutch master cylinders
Clutch slave cylinder kit
Clutch Slave and Master cyclinders

Slipping Clutch

HELP slipping clutch

Clutch Shudder

shuddering clutch

Thrust bearing

Thrust bearing on clutch housing


bleeding the clutch
Bleeding clutch help

Other Issues

Clutch problems
sticky clutch
New clutch master cylinder?
Stuffed clutch
Clutch fluid
clutch suddenly not working
Do you need the big nut on the clutch or not?
Quinton Hazel - Clutch Kit
Clutch or gear box woes !
slow clutch
gears not engaging
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